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Disable the sleep mode on your Mac

If you've ever been in a position where you want to close your MacBook but still want to listen to music on it through speakers, you need some way of forcing it to stay awake when the lid closes.InsomniaX disables the sleep mode on MacBooks...
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  • by Anonymous

    Where is the insomniaX icon?. I don't see any menu bar on my the computer. where is the insomniaX icon? i have installed it but how do i use it? is it this software that is frustrating or is apple just generally annoying. my system still sleep when i close the lid. Pros: not working. Cons: not working

  • by Anonymous

    Keeps my mac alive!. I acquired a macbook that had water spilled on it and it shorted the sleep switch. It now always thinks the lid is closed so it will not stay awake without this wonderful app. This app alone is what makes my mac usable!

  • by Anonymous

    thanks. hi i just want to say : thank you for the nice and lovely program i love it thanx again demi lovato